Qunnen Consortium

# Empowerment through Decentralization


The Qunnen Consortium is a collective of individuals and organizations committed to building a world empowered by an Impact Based Economy (IBE). Serving as the Governance Organization and DAO, the consortium guides the development and growth of various applications and the movement as a whole. Deriving its name from a word meaning "to know" or "can," the consortium believes in a democratic and well-informed society, limited only by imagination, and dares to dream big.




The Impact Based Economy (IBE)

The current global economic system has failed to create a sustainable world, leading to issues such as degrading health, poverty, human trafficking, and the destruction of ecosystems and cultures. Inequality is widespread, and traditional governance has struggled to address these problems. A decentralized, blockchain-enabled IBE offers a solution.

Features & Benefits of an Impact Based Economy


Icon for decentralization showing various colored circles connected within a larger circleThe IBE operates through a network of nodes, each holding a copy of the same database. Each node verifies transactions and ensures ledger accuracy, providing transparency, accountability, and protection against fraud and corruption.

Focus on Positive Impact

Icon for positive impact showing a man cheering with a sunset behind himUnlike traditional economies that prioritize financial profits, the IBE rewards businesses and organizations for their positive societal and environmental impact. This encourages sustainable and socially responsible practices.

Anti-Human Trafficking Measures

Icon for Supply Chain Transparency showing a ship with a digital eye over itBlockchain technology in the IBE helps in tracking and verifying transactions through supply-chain transparency, making it difficult for human traffickers to operate. Criminal activities can be more easily identified and handled.

Empowering Marginalized Communities

Icon for Empowering Communities showing a community of people celebrating togetherThe IBE can provide financial services to marginalized communities through decentralized banking systems accessible via mobile devices, allowing previously excluded individuals to participate in the economy

Promoting Sustainable Practices

Icon for sustainability showing leaves fanning out symmetrically with the silhouette of a person behind the leaves.Businesses are incentivized to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt environmentally friendly practices. Blockchain technology can track and reward companies for positive environmental impact.

Join the Qunnen DAO
At this time, membership in the Qunnen DAO is by invitation only. However, as more projects are launched, everyone will have the opportunity to join Qunnen. Join the waiting list to stay in the loop.