# Shifting the paradigm to global abundance.

Explore the principles of Impactivism and join us in creating an impact-based economy for global abundance. Learn about the Qunnen Consortium's work and how our unique approach in the use of the Impact Protocol and blockchain governance, aims to transform the world.

(This is a Living Document subject to change)

The Impactivism Manifesto

Transforming Actions into Impact for a Sustainable Future

In a world teetering on the brink of environmental, social, and economic challenges, Impactivism emerges as a beacon of hope and action. It is a movement, a philosophy, and a call to action, grounded in the belief that every individual and collective action can and should be a force for positive change.

Primary Mission

Eradicating Poverty - Our Primary Mission is unwavering: to eradicate poverty. We recognize that poverty is not merely an economic condition but a multifaceted issue that affects the well-being and potential of individuals and communities. Impactivism is committed to dismantling the structures that perpetuate poverty, ensuring equitable access to resources, opportunities, and the dignity of choice.

Essential Freedoms

Eradicating Crime, Maximizing Well-being - Aligned with our Primary Mission, our Essential Freedoms include the eradication of crime, the maximization of personal well-being, and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that a safe, just, and contented society is the bedrock of sustainable development. Our focus extends beyond material wealth, recognizing that true prosperity flourishes in freedom, security, and fulfillment.

Our Approach

Impactium as a Catalyst - At the heart of Impactivism is 'Impactium' - a revolutionary unit that quantifies the impact of every action. Leveraging blockchain technology, we ensure that every deed, every choice, and every transaction is accounted for its impact on society and the environment. This transparent and accountable system is our tool for igniting a global shift towards responsibility and mindfulness.

Empowerment Through Technology and Privacy - Technology is our ally. Through advancements in blockchain, AI, and data analytics, we bring precision and clarity to our mission. Yet, we uphold the sanctity of individual privacy, ensuring that participation in Impactivism is voluntary and respects personal data boundaries.

Organic Growth and Global Scalability - Impactivism is not a mandate; it's a choice. A choice that grows organically through individual and collective realization of its benefits. Designed for global scalability, our movement transcends borders, cultures, and economies, adapting to the unique challenges and strengths of diverse communities.

Innovation and Free Market Dynamics - We embrace the dynamism of free markets, recognizing that competition and innovation are vital for progress. However, we steer these forces towards our Primary Mission and Essential Freedoms, aligning economic incentives with societal and environmental responsibility.

Democratic Participation and Inclusive Governance - Through the Qunnen Consortium, we democratize governance. Every member of the Impactivism community has a voice, a vote, and a stake in shaping the future. Our decision-making processes are inclusive, transparent, and reflective of our collective will.

Join the Movement - Impactivism is more than a concept; it's a living, breathing movement. It's a call to each of us to rethink, reimagine, and reshape our world. Join us in transforming every action into a step towards a sustainable, equitable, and thriving future.

Together, let's turn Impact into Action. Let's live Impactivism.