# A band of hopeful do-gooders on a quest to save the world.

Who are We?

We are individuals that are not afraid to reach for the impossible. We are individuals with a passion for change. We are individuals with the skill sets to act on this passion and face any challenge. And most important of all, we are individuals who realized that even though we are strong on our own, we are unstoppable together.

Meet the Team

Wish Born
Wish Born // Chief Impactivist

Wish, aka, Glenn Barres, Jr, is an unconventional leader. Part sage, part ninja, total visionary. Wish lives a purpose driven life guided to ending human trafficking. He started developing IT solutions in the late 90's and has worked across several sectors - from telco and ecommerce to real estate and network-marketing platforms. He is also a mixed martial artist with a passion for movement, loves teaching and is the host of The Impact Report on Riverwest Radio 104.1 FM.

Marco Fiorante // VP of AI & Operations

I'm Marco, and I'm thrilled to join Spark as the VP of AI & Operations! I received my bachelors degree from Marquette University and have passion for entrepreneurship. I specialize in developing and prompting GPTs for business use cases. I look forward to leveraging AI to help entrepreneurs pursue their passions.


Joe Poeschl
Joe Poeschl // Growth Facilitator

Joe is the co-host of the FOR-M incubator, Engagement Director at The MKE-Tech Hub Coalition and a self-described Growth Facilitator, Innovation Coach & Denim Destroyer. Joe wholeheartedly believes in our mission and has played a vital role in helping to refine the vision of Renaissance Analytics.

Ledrop w/Cheese
Joey Dunne // Web3 Advisor

Joey Dunne aka LeDrop WithCheese is fully immersed in the Metaverse as a Celebrity NFT blogger ( and interviewer/podcaster (, who rates Celebrity NFT drops in advance of their release, with honest reviews. LeDrop specializes in Metaverse public relations, events and public speaking, onboarding and monetization for artist/director/musician/celebrity/company clients.

Christopher Lafayette // Gatherverse

Emergent Technologist | Architect | Humanitarian | Educator | XR | AI | MedTech | GatherVerse | Metaverse | Brand Developer | Web 2.5 - Web 5 | Eco Convergence | National & International Speaker | Silicon Valley |

Alexandre Vieira // Lead Economist

Founder of a market research firm, known for using economic theory to inform business strategies. He has a track record of negotiating multimillion-dollar transactions and is an experienced investor in real estate and small businesses. He is a sought-after advisor for businesses and individuals seeking economic guidance.

Founding Patrons

Founding Patrons are organizations & business leaders that recognized and supported the vision of Renaissance Analytics during it's infancy. They get first access to new features and Patron level exclusive services such as prioritized customization and support. This relationship allows us to grow quickly while providing impact to the community through every phase of our development. This also gives those leaders a head-start on creating impact themselves. This list will fill out as more patrons come on board during our Founding phase.

FOR-M Incubator

GatherVerse Virtual Summits

MKE Tech Hub Coalition